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David Ralston Wants a Hate Crimes Bill 'With No Delay a...

The 1Q marketing research platform is out with its latest survey on Georgia’s pandemic response, and here are some of the online poll’s findings.

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Coronavirus USA Survey Results - 5/11/20

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Coronavirus Georgia Survey Results - 5/11/20

Coronavirus and Rent Payment

A survey of 600 U.S. adults by market research platform 1Q found that 10% expect to skip their May rent or mortgage payments.

Georgia Coronavirus Reopening

The market research firm 1Q has released the results of a survey of 600 Georgians conducted on Monday, the same day marked by Gov. Brian Kemp for open...

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Coronavirus USA Survey Results - 4/27/20

Coronavirus Georgia Survey Results - 4/27/20

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Atlanta Startup 1Q Pays Consumers to Answer Questions

Data has been called the oil of the digital age, and advertisers are eager to get their hands on it. Atlanta-based 1Q wants in on the data boom. 1Q’s ...

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Stealthy Atlanta Startup Quietly Builds Portfolio of Pr...

“1Q is the most disruptive market research/polling engine that I have seen. Its ease of use and instant response capability is unique in the space,” s...

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